Our team at 25th Emmedi Anniversary

25th Emmedi Anniversary

25 years of rEvolution

It was a great pleasure and a strong emotion share this important moment together with customers, collaborators, relatives and friends. A quarter of a century is a significant milestone, which we consider not as a point of arrival but as a fundamental step in a continuous evolution journey.

We have really come a long way, if we think of the first laboratory organized in the kitchen of an apartment in the center of Udine, where it all began. Today, our solutions are used every day by all the major Banks and by several companies, in Italy and in the world. Emmedi technology has revolutionized the bank check scanning market by improving the work of hundreds of people and optimizing performance with significant operational and economic benefits.

It is surprising to think how much the company has evolved since then and we are proud of the role that Emmedi plays today, establishing itself as an absolute leader in the market of software for the management and dematerialization of any type of document, first of all bank checks .

With a view to constantly looking to the future, during the evening we had the enormous pleasure of sharing with ourguests a great novelty that concerns us. Emmedi has opened its doors to the world of mobile services with the launch of 4Cheque APP, the new application that turns smartphones and tablets into a check scanner and much more, opening up important new possibilities.

We would like to thank our collaborators, who have shared all this with us and supported and supported us all these years. Today they are the pillars of this company, and they certainly represent the cog that has allowed us to achieve success in recent years.

We are extremely happy to have succeeded in organizing this event that allowed us to meet the people who were fundamental to our company. We would like to thank one by one all those who believed in us and who have shown us their trust for years.

Thank you so much!

The rEvolution of Emmedi continues… 

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