Turns your smartphone into a Check Scanner and much more.

4Cheque APP screen with extracted data
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Excellent decoding performance
Recognizes each field of every different type of document and extracts the data with superior decoding performance compared to traditional Check Scanners (Codeline with MICR, CMC7 and E13B fonts, barcodes, OCR-A e OCR-B, MRZ)

Automatic archiving and fast search
Automatically indexes and archives documents on dedicated Cloud Service and instantly makes all the information available also on your PC with 4Cheque PRO (or other devices with 4Cheque APP)

Fast and simple sharing
PDF image and CSV file with metadata immediately shareable by email, WhatsApp or Cloud

Great flexibility of use
Can be used anytime, everywhere + Simple integration with Corporate or Bank information systems (also Remote Deposit Capture) thanks to the use of standard output formats

Handles a moltitude of documents:

  • Checks
  • ID Cards
  • Driving Licence
  • Passports
  • Tax Forms
  • And many others…
4Cheque APP video
4Cheque PRO and 4Cheque APP: a powerful combination

4Cheque APP is integrated with the scanning program 4Cheque PRO to manage your documents both from desktop and mobile.

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